I don’t want to run this blog in a standard manner. I am much more used to web forums and the many contributions coming from visitors there. That’s why everybody is welcome with their own submissions as long as it fits within the Cooking-Like-a-Guy theme.

  • Everything about cooking is just fine.
  • Did you cook something weird while camping, hunting or fishing? Tell us about it.
  • Improvised a BBQ pit at your construction site?
  • Forced the microwave in the office to produce a 6 people gourmet meal? My kind of guy.
  • Have some skills around cooking you want to share? Peeling for experts, anyone? Keeping your knives sharp?
  • A report about Roto-Master 6000, the ultimate grilling machine?

If you want to post your own recipe or story, please register an account. Afterwards, use the “Add New” menu in the top navigation bar to write your first post. Your first few posts will need approval by the administrator, later on posting will be immediate.

If you post an recipe, please use EasyRecipe, a tool that formats recipes uniformly and makes them better visible to the Google and Bing recipe search engines. There’s a little cooks hat in the tool bar of the Visual Editor to access it.