Cook like a guy. As a 7-year old, my grandma supervised me when I made my first eggs, sunny side up. As a 15-year old I found my lunches wrapped in a towel under the down comforter. It usually was still warm, but sometimes I had to re-heat it in hot water. We didn’t have a microwave. As a 20-year old I was able to make pasta and was soon to learn how to make some basic pasta dishes. I call it my Italian phase. And for the next 25 years, mostly living alone, my cooking skills improved steadily at a leisurely pace of about 2 dishes per decade.

There are a few Italian recipes I picked up and forgot again, there was an experimental mousse-au-chocolate (a failed experiment) and many restaurant visits, home delivery, Chinese takeout, Kebab and Falafel stands and grilled chicken from a cooking trailer. Burritos are great food to go. I mean, to take home. There was steamed cauliflower with cheese and butter, I was perfect in making hotdogs and polish sausages and once a microwave oven came into my life, I made many more culinary discoveries  in the prepared foods section.

Life took some lucky turns for me and I got married after a long time of bachelorhood. My wife is a great cook (she’s proofreading, I have to say that) and I continued my training by studying how to dice tomatoes, potatoes and onions. Bagged mixed lettuce and canned artichokes allowed me to make excellent salad. And then I lost my job of 25 years. Which kept me at home and my wife at work. Naturally, I ended up offering to cook. I should have known better.

I still haven’t found a job, but as an IT guy, I am able to set up a website, no problem. But I still have a lot to learn as a cook. Please help !!

Author: Feliz

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