About This Site

So you can’t cook. No patience to wait until the food is cooked through? Can’t be bothered with recipes, especially when they mention ounces and tablespoons? But you get something cooked up anyway. And the results are always a surprise. You cook like a guy. Regardless of gender. Nobody around here is wearing a cooks hat or one of those fancy white jackets, except for the ones with the extra long sleeves who reach behind your back. We’ll be approaching the issue of cooking from the low end.

This blog is for people like you. Written by people like you. And you are invited to share your experiences as well. Just write something up or drop me a note, we’ll get it to the front page in no time. Be ready for ridicule.

I want to hear stories about people overcoming their cooking challenges. I want to learn about recipes who got streamlined by a lazy cook. I want to see how dishes got invented because money was tight, because there were strange things in the fridge or your neighbor dropped of a bucket of cucumbers and tomatoes which would rot within the next two days. I’ll throw in some stories of my own as well as some more as I find them on the internet. Hopefully this will create an interesting and entertaining blog.