Nutella empanada (improved)

I’d rather post something about my own cooking experiments, but there haven’t been that many lately due to much eating out. Which is a valid cook like a guy strategy. But here’s a link I’d like to let you know about: Nutella empanada (improved).

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If I stumble across an article titled Cooking for Noobs: The Easiest Dinner You’ll Ever Cook during my daily research for this blog, I have to go there and read it. I didn’t realize it was Migas the author was talking about. What confused me was the fact that the author said dinner. I have two stepsons living in Texas, and that’s what they have for breakfast and so did I when I visted them. In any case, the recipe has made it onto my To Do list, as soon as I have tortillas, or even soft tortilla chips in the house.

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Kitchen Sink Salsa

It’s a gift, not having to care about what others think. Here’s somebody who doesn’t: Cooking for Assholes. His Title for the blog, not mine. But I have to link to one of his recent articles, just because of this:

“Where did you get the recipe?” Are you not fucking listening? I just throw shit in a bowl I think would taste good together. It’s that easy. The only time I follow instructions is when I buy furniture from IKEA. I learned that lesson the hard way.

Seems we are not alone. Even if we have to deal with an A-hole. Here’s the full article: Kitchen Sink Salsa

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Peeling and Chopping Garlic

Here’s a write up with detailed pictures from an Irish site The Lazy Cook about how to peel and chop garlic:

Chopping Garlic can be done Goodfellas style with a razorblade. The idea there is to chop it so thin that it just dissolves when added to the oil in a pan. It looked good in the film but frankly it takes too long.

See here for the full article: Chopping Garlic – how to

It’s a nice website with only a few recipes, but certainly “Cook Like a Guy” style. However, you can’t leave comments, as there is some captcha bug.

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