How to post

Have a nice and simple recipe, cooked like a guy? Or a story to tell?

Here’s how to:

To just leave a comment, just start typing wherever comments are enabled.

To post a story, a recipe or just because you’ll come here more often, register an account. Your top menu will then also have a menu item to “Add New”. For stories, just use either the HTML or the visual tab of the editor. For a recipe, use the visual tab and click on the fork and spoon symbol fork and spoon . A form to fill in all the recipe details will popup. Choose a proper category, Story or Recipe, and publish your post.

Once you have published your post, it will show up on the Stories or Recipes tab. The moderators of this website will be able to bring your post to the front page. Additionally, we can create a featured author sections for everybody who wants it. With that comes the responsibility to take care of a “recently cooked” section. Nothing could be easier.

A few words about Meta Description and Excerpt. You find textboxes for both below the editor box. The Meta Description will become visible if the link is shared with Facebook or Google+. It also is important for search engines. The excerpt will show up on the front page. If there’s none, the first paragraph will appear, or the the moderators will make one up.

And lastly, there’s the forum section. Post your questions, commentary, recipes and stories to be. Use it as a sounding board or talk about something that isn’t refined, yet.